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 +**DDoS**, also refereed as DDoS attack, is the act of overloading someone'​s server by sending colossal amounts of data from dozens of different servers distributed through the Internet.
 +After the attack, the victim'​s hardware can be damaged. The severity of the damage depends directly of the DDoS Power.
 +====== Launching a DDoS attack ======
 +In order to launch a DDoS attack, you must have:
 +    * The target IP address listed on your Hacked Database.
 +    * At least three running DDoS Viruses, excluding any on the target IP.
 +    * A [[en:​softwares#​DDoS_breaker|DDoS Breaker]]
 +    * <​del>​The guts</​del>​
 +====== DDoS Power ======
 +The DDoS power is a number that rates how powerful the DDoS attack was.
 +The total DDoS power depends of:
 +   * each server'​s CPU
 +   * your current CPU
 +   * each server'​s installed ddos version
 +===== Increasing the power =====
 +Tips to increase the DDoS power:
 +    * Active the DDoS virus on more servers.
 +    * Use more powerful servers (servers with more CPU).
 +    * Make sure //you// have a powerful CPU.
 +As a general rule of thumb, a DDoS attack of 200 Gbps is considered a regular one. Meaningful attacks usually have 250 to 300 Gbps. 
 +====== Logs ======
 +Be aware that, when an attack is completed, logs will be recorded on every server that was part of the attack.
 +    * The launcher server:
 +        * <​code>​localhost launched a DDoS attack against [victim] [...]</​code>​
 +    * The victim server:
 +        * <​code>​[attacker] launched a DDoS attack against localhost [...]</​code>​
 +    * Every server with an installed ddos virus:
 +        * <​code>​[attacker] DDoSed [victim] via localhost [...]</​code>​
 +====== Mitigating a DDoS attack =======
 +A nice way to protect yourself from a DDoS attack is mitigating it. This feature is unlocked after you complete the [[en:​university#​DDoS_Security|DDoS Security]] certification.
 +If you have completed this certification,​ then your firewall will automatically mitigate the DDoS attack.
 +The level of mitigation will be based upon your firewall version and the DDoS power. In some cases, you can even nullify the attack.
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