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 +The Internet is the place where you can browse to different computers around the world. Servers can be owned by a real player, like you, or [[en:​NPC|NPCs]].
 +====== Navigation ======
 +When logged out, the first thing you will see is the server'​s web content. It might display useful information if it's an [[en:​NPC|NPC]],​ or it can be tailored content if the VPC is running the [[en:​softwares#​webserverexe|Webserver]] software.
 +On the upper-right corner of the web content, you can see which type of server you are connected to. Check the list of [[en:​npc#​npc_types|NPC types]].
 +If logged in, you'll have access to the victim'​s [[en:​log|log file]] and [[en:​softwares|softwares]]. These remote pages works pretty much the same way they do on localhost. ​
 +====== Banks ======
 +When accessing banks, you might notice a different UI. You have the option to hack and login to the bank //server//, plus the option to hack and login a bank //​account//​.
 +When logged to a bank account, you can transfer it's money or change it's password (if you are the owner). Please note that **transferring money will generate logs on each account'​s bank**, i.e., if you are on bank A and will transfer to bank B, //both// banks will have your IP, the account numbers and the total amount transfered.
 +====== Important IPs ======
 +Important IPs will be listed on the right sidebar, as a bookmark tool.
 +List of important IPs:
 +    * Banks
 +    * FBI
 +    * Safenet
 +    * ISP
 +    * Whois
 +    * NSA
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