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 +**Riddle**, or puzzle, is a small challenge or mini-game. Examples of riddles within the game are: Tic Tac Toe, 2048, Lights Out, Trivia questions, Math questions.
 +====== Riddle Trail ======
 +Starting on the First Puzzle located at the First Whois, every server will have a riddle that can be found at the [[en:​softwares#​riddleexe|riddle.exe]] software, where the player will be challenged.
 +The moment the user nails the question, or completes the mini-puzzle-game,​ a new IP is discovered. This is the location of the next riddle, gradually harder than the previous one and with gradually better software.
 +====== Convergence ======
 +Riddles converge to the upper Whois they are located. ​
 +So, for example, the First Puzzle will lead to other puzzles that will, gradually, lead to the First Whois.
 +Every Whois also have a puzzle in it that points to the next Whois. ​
 +Once you go to the next Whois, you must find the first puzzle within this Whois. It will be listed there, hopefully.
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