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At the University you are able to research your softwares and also take brand new certifications.


Researching is a key aspect of the game. With it, you are allowed to upgrade your current software by paying a small fee.

In order to research a software, you must first buy it's license.

Researchable Softwares

A software is said researchable if you can buy it's license and upgrade it's version.

Softwares you can research:

  • Cracker
  • Password Hashing
  • Firewall
  • Hidder
  • Seeker
  • Anti-Virus
  • Viruses (Spam, Warez, Miner and DDoS)
  • Exploits (FTP and SSH)


Certifications have the purpose of gradually introduce the game mechanics to players. They are needed in order to perform specific actions.

Basic Tutorial

The basic tutorial explains the very basics of the game, like what are Logs, Softwares, Processes, Hacked Database, etc.


  • Menu links, except Internet

Hacking 101

Now let's play. This certification explains the basics of hacking.


Intermediate Hacking

Here the player will learn new techniques like exploit attack and bank hacking


Advanced Hacking


  • DDoS attack

DDoS Security

This certification introduces the concept of DDoS Mitigation. After taking it, the user will be able to automatically mitigate DDoS attacks using his firewall.


  • DDoS Mitigation
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