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 +**Bitcoin** is a virtual cryptocurrency present in the game. Bitcoins can be traded for in-game money (or vice-versa).
 +====== Anonymity ======
 +Bitcoin has unique anonymous features. ​
 +    * The amount of BTC on a wallet is public
 +    * Login / transfers completed on the [[en:​npc#​bitcoin_market|Bitcoin Market]] will not contain the user's IP or the wallet key //on the remote server//.
 +    * It's not possible to crack a wallet by performing a [[en:​hacking#​brute-force_attack|brute-force attack]]
 +The only way to login on someone'​s else wallet is by sighting it's key on the victim'​s log. This happens when:
 +    * The victim collects money from her viruses. If there are miner viruses, the wallet address and key will be listed.
 +    * When a login or transfer is done on the Bitcoin Market, the key will be listed //on the users'​s localhost//​.
 +====== Wallet ======
 +A wallet is the equivalent of a bank account. The wallet is stored on your software page, and publicly lists how much BTC you have on it.
 +====== Collecting Bitcoin ======
 +In order to collect bitcoins you need to install the [[en:​viruses#​miner|miner virus]]. You will also need a [[en:​softwares#​Virus_Collector|virus collector]].
 +====== Bitcoin Value ======
 +The value of 1 BTC is the same of real life's bitcoin buy price. (It might be rounded).
 +[[https://​blockchain.info/​q/​24hrprice|You can see the current price here]].
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