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Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency present in the game. Bitcoins can be traded for in-game money (or vice-versa).


Bitcoin has unique anonymous features.

  • The amount of BTC on a wallet is public
  • Login / transfers completed on the Bitcoin Market will not contain the user's IP or the wallet key on the remote server.
  • It's not possible to crack a wallet by performing a brute-force attack

The only way to login on someone's else wallet is by sighting it's key on the victim's log. This happens when:

  • The victim collects money from her viruses. If there are miner viruses, the wallet address and key will be listed.
  • When a login or transfer is done on the Bitcoin Market, the key will be listed on the users's localhost.


A wallet is the equivalent of a bank account. The wallet is stored on your software page, and publicly lists how much BTC you have on it.

Collecting Bitcoin

In order to collect bitcoins you need to install the miner virus. You will also need a virus collector.

Bitcoin Value

The value of 1 BTC is the same of real life's bitcoin buy price. (It might be rounded).

You can see the current price here.

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