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Viruses are applications that generate you money and power. There are five types of viruses: spam, warez, miner, DDoS and doom virus.

Money-making viruses

The viruses listed on this section have the common ability of generating money to the user. You must have a Virus Collector in order to collect money from all of them.

Spam Virus

The Spam Virus, when installed on the victim, will generate money to you by sending spams over the Internet.

The amount of money given by a spam virus is directly dependent to the victim's CPU version. It can be roughly approximated to $0.0025 per MHz per hour.

Warez Virus

The Warez Virus, when installed on the victim, will generate money to you by selling warez over the Internet.

It requires an additional software, though: the Torrent. You need to have a running Torrent in your software list.

Generated amount of warez is dependent of the victim's internet connection. Roughly, you earn $0.1 per Mbit per hour plus the torrent value.

Miner Virus

The Miner Virus will use the victim's CPU to generate bitcoins.

Roughly, it generates about 0.000010417 BTC per MHz per hour.

Hardware-damaging virus

Currently there is only one virus that damages hardware.

DDoS Virus

The DDoS virus is needed in order to perform a DDoS action. The resulting DDoS power directly depends of the victim's CPU. The virus version also affects the DDoS power.

The DDoS Breaker is needed to complete a DDoS attack.

Storyline-related virus

Currently there is only one virus that is related to the storyline.

Doom Virus

The Doom, also referred to as Doom Virus, is the storyline software. When installed, it will automatically propagate to any user who connects to the correspondent IP.

Doom virus are not recognized by Anti-Virus. The only way to kill a doom, and therefore stop the doom attack, is by DDoSing whoever launched the virus until the launcher's hardware (specifically, the hard-drive) is damaged enough to corrupt the Doom file.

You can read more about the role of the Doom Virus on the Storyline page.

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